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    Actors, Douse, Frankie, Tulip, Lucia, Mesa Luna (DJ set)

    ACTORS are a smooth night drive on a downtown viaduct; anesthetizing and brimming with kinetic energy. With warm keyboard pads and high frequency bass lines listeners fall in love immediately with a sound that’s both aggressive AND creamy. The new wave four piece achieves their end goal by paying tribute to the production and arrangement of Hughes-ian era heart melters and the kind of hymns found in those once-in-a-lifetime dreams. They’ve created a soundtrack that could have only come from a city that’s constructed of hopeless glass towers and features an exquisite grey void that canopies overhead every day of the year.

    Douse is an art rock project from New Westminster, BC. Since their formation 3 years ago, Douse has evolved into a progressive and dark collective, yet still feels lush and somehow natural. Its three members share diverse influences, ranging from progressive and post-punk, to world music, to its folk roots. The result is a balance between violence and softness; sharp guitars push against orchestral ambiance and unconventional percussion. This contrast creates a stunning atmosphere that has been described as “devastatingly beautiful” and “deeply introspective; brooding and elevated by emotive, cinematic soundscapes” (The Revue).

    FRANKIE is a Vancouver based four-piece playing dream-rock, blending ethereal tones and haunting harmonies to create their own distinctive style of music. They are often described as a combination of Fleetwood Mac, The Fleet Foxes, and First Aid Kit. The band formed in December 2013 for a one-off gig where they'd only met a few weeks before. The chemistry between them was undeniable and over the last two years the four members have become amazing friends and adventure seekers, taking their music from Haida Gwaii near Alaska to the southern tip of the Baja in Mexico.

    Vancouver based, dark indie band.

    Recording their first EP with Jacknife Sound in Spring 2017, newly formed LUCIA debut their blend of dark post rock/metal. Shimmering, fragile soundscapes and hypnotic interludes juxtaposed with pummelling post metal crescendos, LUCIA will appeal to fans of Russian Circles, Cult Of Luna and Thou.

    with special guest Mesa Luna (DJ set)

empty Actors, Douse, Frankie, Tulip, Lucia, Mesa Luna (DJ set)
February 24th
Jacknife Sound presents
Actors, Douse, Frankie, Tulip, Lucia, Mesa Luna (DJ set)

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$10 +S/C adv

$15 at door

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