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    Diarrhea Planet
    with Music Band, Dead Soft

    Diarrhea Planet
    If Shakespeare was alive to get the Led out, he would've listened to Diarrhea Planet, Nashville's favorite six-piece rock and roll band. Outfitted with a drummer and bassist that barrel forth with the power of a thousand locomotives and a four guitar arsenal able to unleash a meticulous torrent of expertly crafted hooks, riffs and solos, DP take everything you knew you loved about rock, punk and pop, jack it up way past 11, and leave you catching your breath and massaging the kink in your neck from all that head banging. Over the past few years, Diarrhea Planet have packed basements, bars and clubs with enough power to cause a blackout at the Super Bowl (no one said they were not responsible for this year's fiasco), honing their chops and fine-tuning their shred.

    Music Band seeped out of a broken sewage line in an upstate New York dormitory, and somehow it's Nashville's problem now??? Brothers Harry (guitar), Duncan (bass) and Lee (drums) have been both room- and bandmates for over three years, and a single experience of seeing them on stage makes it obvious that they just can't get rid of each other. After moving to Nashville, TN in 2011 they have been busy writing, recording and touring the United States. Since the release of "Satan's Grave" (Denim Records, 2012) and their self-released "Live At Wembley" recording, the trio has most recently let loose "Can I Live", a cassette on Nashville's own Infinity Cat Recordings (Jeff the Brotherhood, Diarrhea Planet, etc.) Music Band's demeanor in everything they do shouts their apparent mantra, "Always be nice, always try to look cool in pictures, and rock and roll forever."

    Heavy pop band from Vancouver, B.C.

empty Diarrhea Planet, Music Band, Dead Soft
April 1st
The Rickshaw and The Georgia Straight present
Diarrhea Planet, Music Band, Dead Soft

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$15 at door