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    El Papachango, Sweet Anomaly, Amar Solunamar, Unmata (Amy and Kari)
    Dahlia Moon and Calamity Sam

    Beats without Borders and Frenetic Edge are at it again! This time we
    bring you incredible beats and world class, hard hitting dance from
    all over the world!

    El Papachango from Argentina moved to the states as a young adult and
    brought with him a love of music from South America that he blended
    with West Coast underground beats to create a groove that is unique
    and infectious to dance floors everywhere. Sexy, soulful and funky
    sounds come out of him even when he’s fast asleep. El Papachango is
    also one of the core creators of the legendary El Circo, one of San
    Francisco’s most prominent avant-garde performance groups that has
    been delivering music with a grip of very talented artists on massive
    systems across the planet, like Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, Freq
    Masty, Dj Laura, Antennae and many others. His latin fusion and hip
    hop influence leaves audiences stunned – with a sense of the mystical
    rooted in a very tangible dance floor experience.

    Sweet Anomaly:
    Originally hailing from Montreal, Sweet Anomaly came west in the late
    90s. He soon became involved in the local Vancouver scene and began to
    build his reputation for sweet down tempo morning sets and marathon
    dance parties. For many years he has been touring the west coast
    festival circuit. Sharing the stage with countless talented local and
    international artists. His take on dance music is in constant flux,
    always new flavours are being added to the mix, no genre is off
    limits, his sets are journeys through his current tastes. The aim is
    to create timeless experiences wherein the newest sounds may
    intermingle with those of the past. The result is an eclectic,
    emotional and memorable dance party! VIVA!

    Amar Solunamar:
    Amar's taste cuts a path through an abundance of musical selections
    and leads dancefloors into a hypnotic sway like snakes before the
    charmer. Whether it's breaks, bhangra house, drum & bass or downtempo,
    the global nature of Amar's sets bridges a multi-culti span from the
    world to the Bay Area and beyond!

    Unmata (Amy and Kari)
    Performing at major festivals and events across the country and across
    the globe, tribal fusion powerhouse UNMATAs high energy brand of dance
    has packed the house and electrified audiences at venues of all sizes.
    Whether using fire, swords, or just the sweat off their own bodies
    UNMATA always satisfies. UNMATA are out to blow the doors off Tribal
    Fusion Bellydance.

    Dahlia Moon
    "Dahlia's dancing defies categories. She is neither Egyptian or
    Tribal, Fusion or Gypsy, but she is all of these rolled into one. She
    does not just interpret the music; she oozes it. Whether it is Middle
    Eastern, Jazz, Balinese or Japanese, music is part of her being. This
    is what you see when you watch Dahlia dance: the essence of music in
    physical form." - Leila of Cairo

    Calamity Sam
    Most known for her musicality and ability to connect with the
    audience, Calamity Sam is not afraid to ham it up and show her sense
    of humor on stage. She has been a featured performer and instructor in
    France, Holland, Spain, England, and across the U.S. Sam is based in
    Oakland, CA where she teaches Unmata/Hot Pot I.T.S., co-produces
    Taverna Nights with Tatyana Balte, and the Tribal Fest Afterparty with
    DJ Amar. You’ll find her regularly in Los Angeles performing at Zulu
    Lounge, and producing an Improv night in L.A. called Eclectic Ensemble
    with DJ Amar.

empty El Papachango, Sweet Anomaly, Amar Solunamar, Unmata (Amy and Kari), Dahlia Moon, and Calamity Sam
January 24th
Beats without Borders and Frenetic Edge present
El Papachango, Sweet Anomaly, Amar Solunamar, Unmata (Amy and Kari), Dahlia Moon, and Calamity Sam

+19 Doors: 9:00 PM

$20 +S/C adv

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