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    Compassion Gorilla with Kara Kata

    Compassion Gorilla
    This eight-piece worldbeat powerhouse will liberate feet and catapult audiences into whole-hearted dance entrancement. Locally, people know that a Gorilla’s show means an event – costumes, celebration and outlandish dancing. Infused with elements of Latin & African music, Compassion Gorilla combines tight instrumental arrangements with songs and story telling. The result is a high-energy show that leaves the audience wanting more.

    Kata Kata Afrobeat Group
    A big bonfire of a band by the name of Kara-Kata is setting Vancouver ablaze with its full-power renditions of classic West African Afrobeat tracks. Afrobeat music blends the genres of funk, jazz, highlife, psychedelic rock, juju, agidigbo and other traditional rhythms into a whirlwind of ecstatic sound. The band is jamming the dancefloor and getting hips swaying to a frenetic tribal pulse. Their recent performances on Commercial Drive in Vancouver have been generating tons of buzz. Once a month they transform the staid Legion Hall into the bedazzled Afrika Shrine where the vibe is festive and traditional Nigerian dishes are served to hungry fans, resulting in a robust community spirit

empty Compassion Gorilla with Kara Kata
August 21st
Compassion Gorilla with Kara Kata

+19 Doors: 9:00 PM

$10 +S/C adv

$15 at door