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    Ages and Ages with Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars, Joyce Island

    Ages and Ages

    Ages and Ages are on tour in support of their recent release Divisionary.

    Ages and Ages is more than a band. It’s a collective of like-minded souls that believe in the power of music to change the world and elevate the spirit. Their music is bright and uplifting, with lyrics, penned by bandleader Tim Perry, that deliver serious introspective messages full of insight and consideration for others.

    Perry states: ““The songs on our first album, Alright You Restless, described a group of people leaving a selfish, destructive society for a place safe from the madness. That was like starting a band, wanting to establish new rules and a language to put some distance between themselves and the noise outside. Those songs were optimistic, energetic and self-righteous because that’s how a group of people who broke off from society would feel. As the group faces the struggles of actually making their community work, reality sets in and things get more complicated. Divisionary details the second phase of the journey.”

    Perry spent ten days on a silent meditation retreat, formulating the direction of Divisonary, and his calm, centered vision is at the core of the music. The intricate harmonies, celebratory choral vocals, churchical piano and organ, inventive counter melodies, bright acoustic guitars, and exciting, interlocking rhythms set off aural fireworks to frame the grounded emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

    Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars

    Joyce Island

empty Ages and Ages with Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars, Joyce Island
June 25th
The Rickshaw presents
Ages and Ages with Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars, Joyce Island

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$12 +S/C adv