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    Ascension of the Atlanteans
    An Atlantis Themed Event

    From the creative minds that brought you “8 bit Reloaded”, "Journey to Eden Prime" and many more, Caturday Crew is back with another unique story & adventure. This one-of-a-kind themed event fuses music, art, theatrics, visuals and all you amazing folks to create ONE hell of a good time.

    Our researchers at Caturday Crew have discovered & transcribed mythical runes which has revealed the following about the “Ascension” event that was foretold to happen April 19th at the Rickshaw Theatre:

    From what we can gather, the runes spoke of the following:

    ✪ Atlantean Performance Artists
    ✪ Uniquely Crafted Stage
    ✪ Custom Visuals and Lighting
    ✪ Deliciously* Themed Artwork *We aren’t sure of this translation
    ✪ Incredible Sound provided by an Application Audio Sound System

    The rest was indecipherable...

    There is also a legend from long ago that we believe has something to do with this “Ascension”. Read more below:

    All we know aside from that is a date: April 19th, 2014. What will happen? Who or WHAT will Ascend? To find out you will need to attend!

    Get your tickets here: http://ascension.brownpapertickets.com/


    The Caturday Crew

    A Vancouver based community of mixed genre DJ's, Artists, Mad Scientists and Wizards. This rag-tag group of Cats solely care about making sure they throw the most incredible parties, always striving to make them more entertaining than the previous.

    The Caturday Crew will be providing music throughout the evening (various djs) and special performances that will reveal more about the Ascension of the Atlanteans plot line that we guarantee you do NOT want to miss.

    Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/caturday-crew

    Read more about Caturday here:
    About - http://www.caturdaycrew.org/about-us/
    Our Community - http://www.caturdaycrew.org/our-community/



    9:00 Theatrical Storyline Performance (Scene 1)


    10:05 Theatrical Storyline Performance (Scene 2)

    10:10 EHTEE

    11:10 Theatrical Storyline Performance (Scene 3)

    11:15 RAGE QUIT

    12:15 Theatrical Storyline Performance (Final Scene)



    Long ago when the world was young, Atlantis was a city like no other. A small island nation, ruled by a beloved queen and king, we were once known throughout the world for our incredible technology, forged from a rare mineral found in the heart of the island. On top of providing a technological advantage, it had magical properties that allowed the citizens of Atlantis to live for thousands of years.

    But where there is happiness & prosperity, ruin always lies just on the horizon.

    Read the full story here:

    What is in store for the Atlantean people on April 19th? The only way to find out is to stay tuned to the event page, read clues and make sure you attend!


    A huge “Thank You” to everyone who has come out to attend past events. We couldn’t make these incredible experiences happening without your continued support! You are the reason we continue to throw these events! We love you!

    This is a 19+ event! (Sorry Kittens). You will be asked for identification upon entry.

    We would love to hear any feedback from you!

    Your friendly neighborhood Caturday Crew

    Web - http://www.caturdaycrew.org/
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Caturdaypjj

empty Ascension of the Atlanteans, an Atlantis Themed Event
April 19th
The Caturday Crew presents
Ascension of the Atlanteans, an Atlantis Themed Event

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$10 Limited early bird admission

$12 First tier

$15 Second tier