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    Nice Peter, The Jackpot Golden Boys

    Peter Shukoff has never been one to work in a creative vacuum. Rather, the comedian, musician and web sensation better known as Nice Peter has always done best before a crowd. Be it his first job as a birthday party magician in Rochester, NY, or today on YouTube with millions of subscribers, Shukoff embodies the epitome of contemporary creation by letting his audience drive his content. With more than 1 billion views and over 11 million subscribers across his YouTube channels, Shukoff’s success is made sweeter by years he spent toiling to fit into a conventional comedy system. Turns out he didn’t need to.

    “I like the idea of being at the center more as a conductor than an all eyes-on-me star,” Shukoff says. “The audience is as much a part of this show as I am. I’m just kind of guiding it.”   

    Best recognized for co-creating Epic Rap Battles of History, the most viewed format on YouTube on per episode, Shukoff draws from viewers suggestions and votes for each comedic tête-à-tête rhyming competition before pouring extreme devotion into researching every episode. Considering, too, collaborations with KassemG such as the “Street Music” series of improvised songs inspired by a day out’s random public encounters, his “The Monday Show” weekly vlogs and “Picture Songs” inspired by the web’s funniest photos, Shukoff’s relationship with his audience through this medium is at the crux of his winning humor—online and onstage.

    The Jackpot Golden Boys from England are "one of the most exciting and experimental bands around" according to Louderthanwar.com. Brothers Alex and Jim are taking a duo version of the band on tour across North America this summer supporting Nice Peter. Stripping down their instruments but cranking up everything else this fun-time duo combine rocking guitar riffs, funky drumming and two part vocal harmonies to make their own unique style of rock. They have built up a great underground fanbase and a large collection of songs with lyrical inspiration coming from the 1980's, tropical islands, science fiction and horror B movies. Their musical influences are diverse including bands like Weezer, RHCP, and also the Beetlejuice sound track. The Jackpots never fail to have the audience singing along to their catchy hooks and bopping to the beat no matter how bizzare the lyrics or music maybe.

empty Nice Peter, The Jackpot Golden Boys
June 6th
The Rickshaw Presents
Nice Peter, The Jackpot Golden Boys

+19 Doors: 8:30 PM

$18 +S/C adv