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    Live Performance by:
    Wassawah (from Jamaica)
    Gisto Ho–łgisto (from London)

    Ras Nikhilesh Nath Nayar (from India)

    Sound man dem:
    Rhek (Shark and Hammer)
    Cptn rEdEyEzz (SS Ragga Mur)
    Blaka ( Riddem Riders) Ottawa, Ont

    Dj early set by:
    Major P
    Lt. Irie

    (604) 681-8915

    Bio for Artist:

    (((( Gisto ))))
    In 2011 Gisto made his first journey to the Fatherland of Reggae Music: Jamaica. He arrived with no hotel, no contacts and no idea what he would find there – just a desire to connect with the music and culture that influenced his life. Within about two weeks on the island, Gisto went from a stranger to a recognized musical personality on Jamaican television.

    Upon arrival his first step was to catch a taxi. He played his album “Just the Beginning” for the taxi man named Pretty. ‘Pretty’ quickly recognized Gisto’s talent as a singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He introduced him to the Jamaican born artist DreZee with hope that Gisto would find his musical footing on an otherwise difficult island to navigate. After a half hour of showcasing his beats and music in Dre’s studio, Gisto was invited to stay-on. Within a week the artists had done a number of collaborations and shot videos. Dre then introduced Gisto to the rest of Jamaica thru the debut of their video for “Invincible” on HYPE TV. From that point Gisto’s fate was sealed. He was now recognized on the same level as the artists that have influenced his music for years.




    ((( Ras Nikhilesh Nath Nayar )))
    Breaking new sounds and smashing cultural barriers, Ras Nikhilesh is a rising new force not to be ignored. Born to an Irish Mother and Punjabi Father, Nikhilesh has a vast understanding of cultural diversity, and strives to fuse traditional elements with modern beats in his musical style. A singer songwriter and composer; Ras Nikhilesh delivers high-energy performances, with a dynamic 10-piece band, plus a message of respectful, Universal acceptance and strength in the face of great adversity. Full of rich and powerful musicianship the group has no difficulties in working the crowd to a sweat, and then soothing their hyper sould, leaving them with a feeling of bliss.

    How does a kid from Ontario, with no evident Jamaican/African roots, become a Rastafarian for life? At the age of 15 on a family trip to India, Nikhilesh experienced a vision, which solidified his path, and held the answers for his spirituality. He discovered a new culture, a way of life, and immediately identified with the knowledge the faith holds. For the past 15 years, Ras Nikhilesh has been involved in the Reggae Music Industry on many levels, and has experienced success in every realm. His first single "Only 1 Jah" broke into the Canadian Reggae Music Charts, and hit # 1. As a producer/composer for the song "Lady in the Streets" with Elaine Shepherd, the caller requests sent the song soaring to # 1 for five weeks straight.

    There's no doubt about the talent, appeal, and intrigue surrounding this unique star skyrocketing out of Vancouver, B.C. With his groundbreaking debut album in the works, check him out and don't delay, cause as Ras Nikhilesh would say:

    "It's all bless an no stress, an Nuff Raspect in every aspect!"



    ((( Wassawah )))
    Donovan Smart aka Wassawah singer/song writer, born 1963 December 23rd at Forth Street Old Hospital, to mother Esmine and father Eric Smart. Growing up in Green Pond Community in Montego Bay Jamaica, with the influence of Rastafarian beliefs, I was drawn to it (the music) from when I was small, learning the styles and the culture of reggae music by listening to great sound systems like, Killamanjaro, Stereograph and Jah Love Sound System with Early B, Super Cat, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin and Brigadier Jerry.

    Started writing lyrics at the young age of 14yrs building confidence to grab the mic, started toasting on the mic at the age of 16yr, with the Sound System Green Power and selector Tighty Nice, Dj Tonto Fabian, Tonto Fresh, Jubienile and Stallion. Move to Toronto in 1989 doing a few popular basement parties with celebrated Artists and Dj’s a few stage shows with Mad Max Promotions, and was offered to be opening acts for Artists like Terry Ganzie, Beenie Man, Beres Hammond, Peter Culture, and Peter Montana. Moved from Toronto to the United States in 1995 to Pittsburg did a couple of hip-hop songs with the popular producer Dj Slice.

    Took a break for a couple of years to focus on life back in Toronto from 1999 to 2000 then moved to Vancouver, meet up with musician like Ras Nikhilesh, OSC and Producer Lt. Irie who has produced some tracks for my debut album coming 2013. Done some showcases, opening acts, and headliners for some Vancouver Concerts, Stage shows, Festivals like the Car Free Festival. Also working with producer/song writer Devon Mr. Metro Martin who produced three of the tracks on the album, Juno Award winner Elaine “Lil Bit” Shepard and VBC lead hip-hop artists E-Spliff and Lucid. Working hard in the Chamber Studio to get the single from the upcoming new album out for retail markets, by the works of Haile Selassie Rastafari, and Lime House Entertainment Group Inc, I can see bright and fabulous things happening for the future.


August 3rd

+19 Doors: 7:00 PM

$10 at door

$9 +S/C adv

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