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    Man the Wolf
    w/ Grizzly Bones, Kicked of the Farm, Rogues Riot

    MAN the WOLF
    Three-piece rock band based out of greater Vancouver, BC.  They have been described as dangerously delicious and fierce renegade riff rock.  They pride themselves in creating original and powerful music that is both personal and profound.  They are known for their natural ability to create truly unique music and for their fun, energetic stage presence that is highly contagious to their ever-growing fandom.

    Eric and Cliff met when they independently attended Sasquatch Festival... it just so happened that they camped right beside each other in a crowd of 40,000 people... it was the middle of the night... Cliff was on his way to pass out in his tent when he lent his guitar to Eric, who he had just met.... Cliff’s head never hit the pillow... as soon as he heard Eric begin to play... and then sing... he abandoned his slumber and emerged from his tent driven by a sense of divine duty and joined the jam.  This formed the weld that bonded these two powerful personalities and brought them to an open mic in New Westminster some months later... after a powerful performance they walked passed a tall mysterious figure standing in back who, from behind the brim of his black fedora, said, “you guys are good... you looking for a drummer?” Later that night the friendship of these three men was cemented with a cheers overlooking the mighty Fraser River... a brotherhood that continued to rage into cafe racer motorcycles, rock 'n' roll music, home brewed videos, a dedicated following of fans and friends... and the beast that is... MAN the WOLF

    Grizzly Bones
    Formed in 2012 as a collaboration between songwriters Kevin Jeff D*altroy (drums), beenz Pearson (bass/vocals), Andy MacGregor (guitar/vocals) (bass), and Kevin Robb (guitar/vocals). Founded in the suburbs of Vancouver Canada, Grizzly Bones have been rapidly developing as a powerful and unique blend of blues rock, metal, and alternative music. Grizzly Bones was founded by the original members of the band Delta Blue and from the band Atom Atom. In the late of 2011 the band started writing unique high energy songs that overshadowed the music that they had been writing in the past. With this new sound being so different the need to re-release themselves as a new band was apparent. With a EP release, merchandise, and touring on the horizon, Grizzly Bones are ready to leave the bear cave and tear up the music scene.

    Kicked Off the Farm
    5-piece of aggressive alt-rockers, assembled from all corners of Canada, who carry the flame of grunge-rock and ignite the stage with a fury of distortion from which only the most contagious rhythms, vital melodies and passionate howls of brooding, angst-ridden lyrics escape.

    Rogues Riot
    From parts unknown, Rogues Riot brings an up-tempo blend of Indie/Garage/Revival to the stages of Van City. Founded in 2006 by Dan Pereira, dreams quickly faded until the project was given a second life by fellow bassist Tony Fujimura and recruitment of drummer Cesar Medina-Castellanos in 2010. With the band's music already being set in motion one goal is on each of their mind's.... to be a part of Vancouver’s blossoming music scene.

empty Man the Wolf w/ Grizzly Bones, Kicked of the Farm, Rogues Riot
June 21st
Man the Wolf w/ Grizzly Bones, Kicked of the Farm, Rogues Riot

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$10 +S/C adv

$12 at door

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