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    The Gay Nineties, Atomatom, Mete Pills

    The Gay Nineties
    Vancouver based band, standing up for good times and rock and roll.

    The accumulated choice to try to keep up with our own heads as we chase ourselves around the monkey tree. AtomAtom was formed when Thom Byron Heywood and Tom Stevens met on a cold SFU campus busking day. They were immediately drawn to each other's style. "You sound like Thom Yorke." "And you sound like Tom Waits"... If destiny was a greasy hobo on the top of a mountain teaching squirrels how to juggle their frozen nuts to stay warm. That was it.  With the tossing around of musicians, music, and perspectives; we've finally found a sound and a voice with which we like to tell our stories. Stories to perk up your ear and pull it down to the floor, so as not to forget that a stomp is just as important as a pin drop in a hallway the size of Manhattan.  With Andy Macgregor on the shredding shoegaze of a tele, Erika Valliere teaching the world that white women can sing, Thom Byron on the slinky flea-bitten Bass, Ben Rigby keeping it up for us to bat around, and Tom Stevens pourin his heart through a meat grinder, nothings gonna stop us, unless we fall off the edge of the world.

    Mete Pills
    An intelligent and effective mixture of 90's style post-punk, indie-pop and alternative, it's hard to place just where in the spectrum this Vancouver quartet should be. They've been called everything from "alterna-punk" to "the West's answer to Les Savy Fav", from "Dream-Punk" to "a version of The Smiths with balls" and just about everything in between.

empty The Gay Nineties, Atomatom, Mete Pills
May 9th
The Gay Nineties, Atomatom, Mete Pills

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM

$10 at door