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    Next Music from Tokyo Volume 5

    Next Music from Tokyo is a non-profit, one-of-a-kind tour transporting the audience on a virtual trip to a gig in Tokyo’s underground live house scene. Choosing the line-up of bands each tour is a painstaking process that strives to showcase a wide mix of musical styles while emphasizing the highest quality of
    music and performance on-stage.

    mouse on the keys

    A blend of minimal phrased piano and dynamic drumming. The pursuit of a live experience composed of visual and audio expression.Formed in 2006, with elements of jazz, funk, post‐rock and electronic music, Mouse on the Keys fits into a genre of their own. The trio consists of two former members of the influential Japanese underground band Nine Days Wonder, Akira Kawasaki and Atsushi Kiyota. They teamed up with Daisuke Niitome, who has played drums as well as composed music for countless jazz‐funk and hip hop bands. Their unique sound, comprising two pianos, two keyboards and drums, continue to stand at the forefront of the Japanese indie scene.

    Kinoko Teikoku

    A shoegaze band who don’t mind breaking a few rules.   Instrumentally, they follow the giant footsteps of Ride and MBV but make musical detours along the paths formed by Cap N Jazz, Radiohead, Explosions in the Sky, Jeff Buckley and Battles. However, the vocals are where Kinoko Teikoku veer off most from traditional shoegaze.   Some songs harbour the soft ethereal drone of classic shoegazer but their hallmark is the dynamic range of Sato’s hauntingly beautiful vocals that soar skyward with passion and intensity. Depending on their mood and setlist Kinoko Teikoku can set the tone either dark and serious or energetic and fun.   But either way their performances are enchanting, LOUD, and completely unforgettable.

    Chi-na - coming for the 2nd time by popular demand

    チーナ (pronounced “chee-na”) is an orchestral indie-pop band based out of Saitama, Japan near Tokyo. Having grown bored of performing solo, singer-songwriter and pianist Kyoko Shiina formed her own band fusing classical music with elements of jazz, pop and post-rock. In 2007, the band’s core was formed when Shiina was joined by violinist Yukako Shiba and Eri Hayashi on contrabass.


    One day the members of Harafromhell decided to form a punk band… and immediately realized they have no idea what it takes to be punk. So they decided instead to just be themselves and make the best music possible from the heart. Harafromhell originated in Dec 2010 when Hara and Ishizuka, guitarist and drummer respectively from the band Nekoze, joined forces with singer songwriter Tatejima Yoko to form a melodic pop-punk band with female vocals.

empty Volume 5, feat. mouse on the keys, Kinoko Teikoku, Chi-na, Harafromhell
May 22nd
Next Music from Tokyo presents
Volume 5, feat. mouse on the keys, Kinoko Teikoku, Chi-na, Harafromhell

+19 Doors: 7:00 PM

$10 +S/C adv

$15 at door