• Show is cancelled, to be rescheduled.
    Official announce from the Facebook event here:

    Hey guys, so these past 48 hours have been crazy and me and everyone else involved in the Hardcore Against Hunger show has tried to figure out another option. But we have been forced to move the Hardcore Against Hunger to a later date. I would like to start out by saying that the Rickshaw is NOT IN ANYWAY to blame for this. They have been amazing and helpful and I appretiate everything they've done for Hardcore Against Hunger. They've just gone above and beyond. However, The Liquor Control & Licencing Branch has decided that I can only have 150 people at this event. We've been fighting for them for 2 days and we realy don't have the time too deal with this before the show. Right now we're trying to move the show to the Rio Theatre for sometime after January 17th. Your ticket will be still valid for this show. I will post more about it once I get it confirmed. THERE WILL BE A HARDCORE AGAINST HUNGER SHOW! AND IT WILL KICK ASS! LOTS OF IT! So keep watch for when we announce the new venue/date!

    Prestige, Bridges Out, To Rise As Kings, Deception Falls, Baryon, Childsplay, Infinite Illness, Her Last Letter

    All proceeds will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

empty Cancelled: Hardcore Against Hunger
December 2nd
Cancelled: Hardcore Against Hunger

All Ages Doors: 5:30 PM

$15 at door